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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 8, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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that had flown over. what they were doing was panning search lights basically looking on top of the buildings to make sure there are no signs of dorner. and as you were talking about earlier, this is a sweeping manhunt that's extended through southern california to the u.s.- mexico border including parts of nevada. they have checked suburban streets. they have looked at a naval base near san diego. and most recently in that snowy community about 80 miles east of l.a., they have even followed foot tracks, but so far, the suspect still is on the loose >> reporter: police say helicopters equipped with infrared and thermal imaging searched through the night for 33-year-old christopher dorner the ex-lapd officer they say is now hunting his former colleagues. >> the streets will be full of patrol cars. >> reporter: the heaviest search is taking place in big bear, california. dorner's burned-out truck was found there thursday afternoon 4:57. new details in this week's cable car accident.
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and a door-to-door search is under way. >> we'll head back down closer to where we live and keep my family safe. >> reporter: dorner posted a manifesto on his facebook page where he vowed to get revenge for being fired in 2009. >> he is armed and dangerous. >> reporter: outside lapd headquarters, officers are taking the unusual step of patrolling their own headquarters in case dorner attacks. >> he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he was also in the military. >> reporter: police say dorner began his rampage on sunday killing monica quan and her fiance. her father, former lapd captain randy quan, represented dorner at disciplinary hearings. dorner threatened quan in his facebook manifesto saying, "i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours." police say dorner shot an lapd officer in corona early thursday morning wounding him. 20 minutes later they say he ambushed two riverside officers, seriously injuring one and killing the other.
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it's not just los angeles but the las vegas police are on high alert. dorner had recently owned a home there about nine miles from the strip. here in los angeles since his manifesto names local police officers, they have dispatched protective details to 40 potential targets including police and their families, also both the los angeles sheriff and police departments have pulled their officers from the motorcycles saying they are worried they are easy targets. so they have put all of them into patrol cars and they must patrol in pairs. >> sounds like they are taking every precaution, teresa. dorner is a former police officer. clearly he is trained in police tactics. why else is he considered so dangerous? >> reporter: it's not just police tactics. he knows the inner workings very weather. he is a naval reservist. although honorably discharged just last friday, he has these
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survival and urban warfare tactics. he has been deployed to a war zone, excels in rival marksmanship and so shook up the police department by taking the hunters and making them the hunted. >> i'm sure the police department is wondering how this is going to end. they have said themselves that they don't think it's going to end peacefully. anything in that manifesto that may indicate that? >> reporter: dorner in that manifesto is very clear-cut saying his goal is to clear his name but he doesn't believe elsur "survivor" he will survive that. he gave up on his job at lapd. that makes him dangerous. complete disregard for life. he says it many times in the 11 page manifesto that he doesn't care. he is going for his target. he wants to make his point. and he wants to clear his name but it doesn't look like it will go down peacefully. >> thank you, teresa garcia live in los angeles. this case sparked a
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statewide blue alert. a blue alert is issued when there's been a violent attack on a law enforcement officer. the alert was posted on highway signs across the state. it had information about dorner's vehicle which was found yesterday burned near big bear lake. back home a new round of rain is washing over the bay area. this is video last night in san francisco. let's check in with meteorologist lawrence karnow with the foul weather turtleneck on today. >> meteorologist and dancer extraordinaire. >> yes, a little bit of everything. this is a good day to do it. we have shower and snow in the mountains. it will be a neat afternoon to check the peeks around the bay area. you can see on our high-def doppler radar those scattered showers are beginning to sag further every further and further to the south. the air is very cold though with a system. you see some. picks up showing up on the mountaintops in the santa cruz mountains. that's mixed precipitation. maybe sleet and snow up there.
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you see snow further south of the salinas valley. things settling down for the weekend. i don't think we have to worry about rain. leftover showers early on this morning and then cold temperatures. in fact, it's chilly out there now. 34 degrees in santa rosa. 35 in the napa valley. 42 in san jose and 44 in san francisco. this afternoon, it will be breezy, cool and crisp. highs only in the low 50s coastside, 50s elsewhere. mountaintops probably only in the 40s and a little dusting of snow across the mountains, as well. that's the latest from here, guys. back to you. >> love the dusting of snow. all right, lawrence, thanks. snowy weather has returned to the sierra after a dry spell that lasted weeks. caltrans cam at interstate 80 at donner lake shows plenty of snow there as people are chaining up. while many drivers were not prepared heading over the summit, they had to buy chains and they needed some help putting them on. that meant good business for those who make a living putting
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on chains for people. one man says he is ready to help drivers who may be caught by surprise. >> maybe they don't listen to the news. they don't know what they are getting into but they do when they reach this point. >> the fresh snow is a welcome sight to skiers and borders who like to take advantage of all that fresh powder. they are happy. >> they are. skiers, got to love it. this morning a big winter storm is bringing snow to the east coast, as well. we have some live pictures as plows get ready to hit the streets in new york city. air travel is disrupted extending back to the bay area. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at sfo with the latest numbers on cancellations there. cate, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. that storm is expected to set things back for thousands of travelers across the country. we know its already cancelled dozens of flights here out of sfo. two strong storms are expected to converge across the
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northeast. residents have just a few hours to prep their homes for what experts say could be a historic storm. new york could get up to a foot of snow and boston up to three feet. 3,000 flights along the east coast were canceled and we are seeing the effects here in the bay area. at sfo we have learned 52 flights were canceled for today. that's 35 departing and 17 arriving from boston, news, jfk and philadelphia. the last time we checked in with airport staff, they say there were no delays as a result of those cancellations. just a few moments ago i spoke with a couple of travelers trying to get back home to italy but their flight to new york was canceled so they are going to have to find a new way home. check in with your airline before you get here to the airport. reporting live at sfo. cate caugiran, kpix 5. you can stay on top of the weather right in your neighborhood here with our interactive high-def doppler radar. that's at our website, we don't have snow here but we did have some rain making
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the roads a little wet there this morning. liz? >> a lot of our traffic cameras showing you slick conditions and we're also watching developing news now. it's in san jose. so it's possibly affecting city streets right there by north san pedro and west saint james street. there's a lot of police activity in the area. avoid it if you can. we are sending a news crew to the scene. so we'll bring you updates throughout the morning in san jose. slick conditions across the golden gate bridge. not impacting traffic so far towards doyle drive into san francisco. we have seen a number of spinouts this morning. nothing out there right now that's really blocking lanes causing a page hotspot. "friday light" so far. some areas of overnight roadwork have been picked up westbound dumbarton bridge. eastbound 84 still there until 6:00 this morning. it's slow across the span.
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quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. we saw a little overnight roadwork there blocking a couple of lanes approaching the pay gates. there's out of here. so far it's an easy ride into san francisco. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 5:10. police are trying to find two robbers who bound a school janitor with duct tape and stole 40 ipads in fairfield around 10:00 wednesday night at a continuation high school on east alaska avenue. the janitor was not injured and was eventually able to free himself and call police. this was the third ipad theft at the school in recent months. burglars broke in last september and october. oakland police hope a surveillance photo will lead to the arrest of a home burglar. investigators have released a clear image of the suspect. take a look. this is captured right after a home was burglarized saturday night in the city's trestle glen neighborhood. no word on what was taken from inside the home. but police say the man did steal a car. they believe he took off in a
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tan 1990s four-door acura. a candlelight vigil in fairfield this evening to remember a 13-year-old girl found dead a week ago today. the body of genelle conway allen was discovered naked. investigators are not releasing the cause of death because it might hurt the investigation. the vigil is planned for 6:30 tonight at allan witt park where her body was found. and there are going to be more inspections on san francisco's cable car tracks because of an accident that happened wednesday. 7 people were hurt when a cable car suddenly stopped. the accident was caused by a bolt that jammed in the tracks. the bolt was from a switch plate along the tracks. muni now plans to check those bolts every week to make sure they stay in place. 5:12. toughest in the nation. the new gun laws being proposed here in california. >> plus, stressful job. what a new study says about your risk of cancer. >> and a dangerous day at work. how a bartender narrowly escaped getting crushed by a car, coming up.
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save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. restaurant... almost killing him. edw a florida bartender has quite a story after an suv crashed into the side of a restaurant almost killing him. here it is. edwin perez was prepping for
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the dinner crowd when an out-of- control suv came plowing through havana's cuban cuisine. it all happened before they opened. no patrons were inside. you can see edwin running for his life. he's okay. >> what a mess. i don't know what's going on with these because we see these time and time again. >> that would be quite the traffic mess. fortunately nothing like that out there going on right now. the only thing we can talk about is these slick roads. you can see it across the san mateo bridge, rain on the lens this morning. it's 15 minutes out of hayward to foster city. the roads have slick and we have seen spinouts because of it but no big hot spots. westbound five five coming out of the altamont pass, drive time about 15 minutes right now between there and the dublin interchange. a live look near pleasanton. traffic is starting to pick up now that we're past 5:00. let's go out to san jose where we're following developing news
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this morning. police activity at north san pedro and west saint james. it's near a condo complex. we are sending a news crew to the scene to figure out what is going on. the main lines of the freeways around the south bay are free and clear around downtown san jose. 4 approaching loveridge slowing until 5:30 this morning when caltrans should be able to reopen that one lane closed for roadwork. outside now here's a live look at 880/237. no delay coming down southbound 880 and westbound 237 looks good, as well. just your overnight roadwork across the dumbarton bridge in the eastbound direction. they were able to wrap up the westbound roadwork. so 6:00 they hope to reopen lanes heading out of menlo park. for more on your wet forecast, when is the rain going to end, here's lawrence. >> i think it's starting to window coverings down. if you are planning to go to the sierra, grab your chains.
5:16 am
expect things to be slow up there. live look for you, i-80 at donner, yeah, folks taking it real slow there now. you will see a little more snow throughout the day tad. but a nice dusting of powder and that really light powder because this is a cold storm system. hi-def doppler radar showing you scattered showers now sagging further and further to the south but hey, cold enough we have even seen some mixed precipitation in the bay area, snow in the mountains. seeing showers continuing into the milpitas area right now and looks like that will be the case. they will continue to sag further south throughout the day today and by the afternoon we dry things out. but showers this morning if you are heading out and cold temperatures, too. by the afternoon it is going to be brisk, cool and breezy outside, highs only in the low to maybe the mid- to upper 50s if you are lucky. this low making its way southward is going to drag more moisture across the bay area. and the southern sierra nevada, watch out in that direction. looks like more snow there. but decreasing showers for us and then it looks like a very nice weekend although it will be a little bit cool. but i think it should remain
5:17 am
dry. the latest forecast model shows things breaking up throughout the day today so by the afternoon, we should be dry. you will see a lot of blue skies and chilly conditions. then a cold night tonight into tomorrow morning. then that's going to set the stage for a nice weekend. highs today maybe about 54 degrees in san jose, 55 in san francisco, next few days we are going to dry things out, warm the temperatures up through sunday and monday. and in fact staying dry after that right through the middle of next week. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. california may soon have the nation's strictest gun laws again. yesterday, some democratic lawmakers unveiled several new bills aimed at restricting possession of firearms. one would outlaw future sales of semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines, background checks for people buying ammunition, and safety training for anyone that's buying a new handgun. in the bay area, another gun buy-back program is planned in hopes of producing the number -- reducing the number of weapons on the streets. palo alto, east palo alto and menlo park police departments
5:18 am
are getting together to organize the event. it's february 23rd. it goes from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. it will be held at the east palo alto city hall. the program will offer $100 for handguns, $200 for a shotgun or rifle, and $300 for an assault weapon. and by the way no questions asked. mayor chuck reed says one of his highest priorities is to resore staffing at the san jose police department. -- restore staffing at the san jose police department. he made the comment at his annual state of the city address. a lot of officers have been leaving because of cuts in pay and benefits. the city's economy isn't out of the woods, he said, but is improving enough to add officers. >> with the savings from pension reform we can expand the police force by 200 more officers. we can do it and we will. >> reed said he is considering a 2014 ballot measure that would call for a quarter to half century sales tax increase. that's a reversal from last year when he blocked such a
5:19 am
measure from the november ballot. stress on the job can lead to health risks like smoking and overeating. >> but researchers say there is no evidence it causes cancer. a study in the british medical journal looked at work related stress and found no link to the development of colorectal, lung, breast or prostate cancers. but job strain can cause chronic inflammation which may be a cancer risk. 5:20. it has to be one of the greatest feelings ever, the buzzer beater shot that earned our play of the day. >> that's coming up. will mother nature cooperate? we have the leaderboard from pebble beach coming up.
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nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than the cottonelle care routine. try it. then name it. if you are planning a trip out of town or to the sierra, bring your chains. there are chains required on 80 between donner lake and kingvale. so far no chain requirements on 50 but, of course, that could change. we'll have much more on your morning drive coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. in golf, phil mickelson is trying to defend his pebble beach pro-am title after his wire-to-wire win at the phoenix open. look at that. pebble beach. nice. rain wasn't an issue. first round of pebble beach. bill murray is king down there. he will put his name anywhere
5:23 am
he wants. elizabeth hobnobbing with bill murray yesterday. very nice. >> giant matt cain with a birdie. and chris berman, hunter mahan said the conditions were favorable on day one. >> we knew there was some weather coming in. didn't know how bad it was going to be and it just never came in. it just got broken up or something. and, you know, this is a day where you want to be at pebble beach. the weather is so good like this. >> former cal golfer james hahn got to 3-under with two holes left but is now just 1-under for the tournament. mahan's approach on 11 finished with a birdie finish with a 6- under 66. that's chris berman still in the sand trap. he is tied with the lead. here's the leaderboard with hustle knocks. f the day, from college basketball. number one indiana at illinois... with nine tenths of a s play of the day from
5:24 am
college basketball. number one indiana at illinois with nine-tenths of a second left in regulation. the game was tied at 72 until illinois' griffey all by himself got the inbounds pass. can you say buzzer beater? he is wide open for the layup. 74-72 the final. a little back door play up and in. nice little layup. >> nice. always like those buzzer beaters. they're always exciting. >> how did he get open with no time left? >> he did it. 5:25. it's back to sticker shock at the pump. the bay area station charging over $5 for regular. >> pretty much a police officer's worst nightmare. >> a ski resort town on lockdown as police search for an ex-officer on a rampage. how they plan to hunt the man who is now hunting them. >> an impending winter storm on the east coast canceled 3,000 flights in that area. we'll tell you how it's
5:25 am
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feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. dorner is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> an ex-super cop accused of killing three people in a revenge rampage. >> snow will cover his tracks. >> this is pretty much a police officer's worst nightmare. >> outside lapd headquarters, officers here are taking the unusual step of patrolling their own headquarters in case dorner attacks. >> of course he knows what he is doing. we trained him. >> reporter: the northeast braces for a big winter storm. >> the good news, i guess if you like snow, is that we're going to have some. >> what are we supposed to say? we're survivors. you're going to dig in and dig out. >> we're already seeing the
5:29 am
effect of the impending east coast winter storm here in our area. >> chico's gas station in south city charging $5.03 a gallon for regular. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, it's friday, february 8. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:30. breaking news out of the south bay right now. officers say a woman died after falling off a balcony from a san jose condo complex. they say it looks like it was just an accident. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us live on the telephone from san jose. are some of the streets closed off for the investigation? >> that's right, frank. the entire area around saint james and san pedro is blocked off as this investigation continues. it's around the city heights condo building downtown which is actually the first of the major condo high-rises to be built in the last five or six
5:30 am
years or so. on the sidewalk is the body of this young woman who appears to have fallen to her death early this morning. here's what we know about what happened. sometime before 3:00 police got a call about a person down at the intersection. they arrived and found a 24- year-old woman who was declared dead. police say she fell from one of the upper stories of this 14 or so story condo building. they're not sure exactly or at least they haven't said exactly what story she may have been on. this does appear to be an accident. police say there is no foul play no sign of foul play and it does not look like a suicide. they are talking to witnesses at the scene and hopefully they will come up with some reasons as to why she fell to her death this morning. that's the latest from here. back to you guys. >> thank you, matt bigler from kcbs radio in san jose. thank you. a developing story that has southern california on edge. the manhunt for the former l.a. police officer accused in three murders is centered in the
5:31 am
mountains east of los angeles. that's where christopher dorner's burned-out truck was found. searchers followed footprints in the snow but haven't found anything. it's cold there this morning with more snow expected. cbs reporter teresa garcia joins us from the heavily fortified l.a. police headquarters. >> reporter: police say helicopters equipped with infrared and thermal imaging searched through the night for 33-year-old christopher dorner the ex-lapd officer they say is now hunting his former colleagues. >> the streets will be full of patrol cars. >> reporter: the heaviest search is taking place in big bear, california. dorner's burned-out truck was found there thursday afternoon and a door-to-door search is under way. >> we'll head back down closer to where we live and keep my family safe. >> reporter: dorner posted a manifesto on his facebook page where he vowed to get revenge for being fired in 2009. >> he is armed and dangerous. >> reporter: outside lapd headquarters, officers are
5:32 am
taking the unusual step of patrolling their own headquarters in case dorner attacks. >> he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he was also in the military. >> reporter: police say dorner began his rampage on sunday killing monica quan and her fiance. her father, former lapd captain randy quan, represented dorner at disciplinary hearings. dorner threatened quan in his facebook manifesto saying, "i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours." police say dorner shot an lapd officer in corona early thursday morning wounding him. 20 minutes later they say he ambushed two riverside officers, seriously injuring one and killing the other. teresa garcia, los angeles. >> dorner is also long to san diego. his badge and id were found there. police believe he tied up an 81-
5:33 am
year-old man and tried to steal his boat and failed. he knows all the tricks when it comes to manhunts having gone through police and military training. he is believed to be well armed, wearing body armor and made serious threats. in his facebook manifesto he says "the violence of action will be high whatever preplanned responses you have established for a scenario like me, shelve it. i am walking exigent circumstance with no off or reset button." he warns officers outside of l.a., "think before you attempt to intervene. you will not survive." police all over the state have been put on high alert knowing dorner has experience and equipment and the will to kill. >> pretty much a police officer's worst nightmare. he knows what we do -- again, he knows how we move. he knows how we train. he knows what we do. and he's already said he is not afraid to die. >> we spoke with a former fbi agent who says police have two
5:34 am
key advantages over dorner. their knowledge of him and sheer manpower and they are using all the resources they have and we learned overnight dorner isn't a package to cnn anchor anderson cooper with a dvd, note and bullet ridden corn. william bratton said it's the kind of coin he would have given dorner to wish him luck in the military. we're talking weather now. this was san francisco last night. the rain was coming down. we got a bit of a break but i think round number 2 is on its way. >> i'm still missing my umbrella. >> you have to go pick it up. >> i left it at the coffee shop so i'm hoping it dries out but i think it will be dry before we take a break. still scattered showers out there right now. coal enough that we have seen snow over the local mountains. our high-def doppler radar is showing you some of that precipitation that's dragging southward. south of the golden gate bridge is where we are seeing showers.
5:35 am
you see some picks up and whites over the mountaintops. that's some of that snow that's beginning to fall up there. in the south bay in milpitas, we have a couple of scattered light showers in that direction but through probably about the middle of the morning, most of the rainfall will have ended probably down to the monterey bay and then it continues it drag southward throughout the day today. we see that cold air that's dropping right into the bay area. that's why we're seeing low snow levels down to 2500 feet locally here. outside now you have a lot of clouds out there. temperatures chilly 39 degrees in concord. 34 in santa rosa, 43 in san jose. in the afternoon highs expected in the 50s. i hope you brought your jackets today. >> i did. [ laughter ] >> i have one, too. and i'm heading up this way to snow country. after weeks of dry weather in the sierra, the snow is back. many drivers were not prepared though heading over the summit. they had to buy chains. some needed help putting them on. that made good business for those who make a living doing that. it's been a dry season. skiers, though, are ready for
5:36 am
fresh powder. as you can see, taking advantage of it in the sierra last night. a little night skiing. >> right. this morning, a massive snowstorm has begun hitting the northeast. take a look at some live pictures right now from new york city. we're not seeing much snow right now but the winter weather is prompting thousands of flight cancellations and the ripple effects extend all the way here to the bay area. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at sfo this morning with the latest numbers on cancellations. lots of travelers this morning are not going to be happy, cate. >> reporter: no. we are seeing the effects of that impending east coast winter storm here at our airport with flights going to and from that area. meanwhile, residents just have a few hours to prepare. meteorologists are predicting this to be a potentially historic storm with the amount of snow expected. new york could see a foot and boston up to three feet of snow. the impact of the storm is already being felt in our airports on the east coast. we are learning that 3,000
5:37 am
flights were canceled, and that has rippled to sfo. 52 flights were canceled for today and that's 35 departing and 17 arriving from boston, newark, jfk and philadelphia. and the last time we checked with the airplane we have not seen any indication of delays as a result of these cancellations. now, this is going to be one of those days now as you wake up this morning if you do have any flights headed towards the east coast, check in with your airlines before coming to the airport. live at sfo, cate caugiran, kpix 5. remember, you can stay on top of the weather in your neighborhood with our interactive high-def doppler radar on our website, let's see if that rain is us cag trouble on the roads. check in with liz. is it "friday light"? >> no. unfortunately, we are seeing a number of different spinouts all across the bay area. nothing causing a huge hotspot but yeah, as far as incidents go, we actually have seen quite a few. they keep popping up and now there's one eastbound 92 just past the toll plaza.
5:38 am
it is blocking one lane. fire crews are out there now possibly injuries reported, as well. now, if you are going in the commute direction westbound 92 still at the limit towards the high-rise. elsewhere other problem spots. here's a live look at the getting golden gate. just slick, nothing much to slow you down heading into san francisco. but we are still watching this developing news. this is out in the south bay. various streets blocked north san pedro and west saint james streets downtown city streets. police are out there investigating a woman's death that happened this morning. so again avoid the area of downtown. >> thank you. new this morning, a 7.1 magnitude quake hitting the solomon islands. no tsunami warnings have been issued for the earthquake. the area still recovering though from a magnitude 8.0 quake that triggered a tsunami on wednesday. aftershocks have prevented relief workers from reaching some of the villages where at least 9 people were killed. >> new evidence set to be unsealed in a san jose
5:39 am
courtroom today in the murder case of a south bay millionaire. ravi kumra was killed during a home invasion robbery at his monte sereno mansion in november. raven dixon was charged with harboring one of the murder suspects. evidence against her has been sealed until today. the attorney for the 22-year- old suspect says she will enter a not guilty plea next friday. a judge could make a ruling as soon as today in the case of a man who drowned off an alameda beach. the city is challenging a lawsuit by the family of raymond zach which claims police and firefighters should have done more to save him. the city contends zach was suicidal and possibly violent. the emergency workers onshore were not trained in land-water rescue and did not have a boat that could be used in the situation. 5:41 now. ravens head coach john harbaugh talking to david letterman about facing his brother after the super bowl. >> here we go again. gas prices hit $5 even above $5 in the bay area.
5:40 am
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5:43 am
we will, soon. >> that's john harbaugh on letterman. his brother jim at pebble beach got asked the same question. i think dennis asked him. have you talked to your brother? i think we texted once or twice. >> maybe they need a little distance. >> they are competitive. >> i'm sure jim is proud of him. they have to be proud of each other. >> still a little sore about the last play. but we move on. we have to. 5:44. it's a mixed bag for futures trading this morning. >> dow futures are down but the nasdaq is higher. ashley morrison of joins us. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday. asian markets saw profit-taking this morning despite strong trade data from china. tokyo's nikkei dropped nearly 2% snapping a 12-week winning streak while hong kong's hang seng gained .25%. weaker corporate earnings and renewed concerns about europe's troubled economy pushed wall street stocks lower. the dow fell 42 points on thursday while the nasdaq dropped 3 points. linkedin's earnings and revenue are still on a hot
5:44 am
streak. the professional networking services every service's fourth quarter earnings beat expectations. linkedin's stock price tripled from its initial public offering price of $45 back in 2011. and green light capital a major investor in apple is suing the computermaker for stockpiling cash. apple has about $137 billion in cash. green light wants the money to be begin to shareholders. apple's stock has loves 35% of its value since september due to slow gross. apple's stock has lost 35% of its value since september due to slow growth. >> still not bad. valentine's day is next week and i guess americans are getting stingy. >> reporter: yeah. i don't know where the love went, frank. but a new survey found that 62% of shoppers, they plan to spend up to $100 on valentine's day. that's a decrease from 68% just last year. 69% say they will buy gifts from a store but more than a third are going to spend money
5:45 am
on a night out. i'm not a big valentine's person. i always forget and have to run upstairs to my son's room and make a card for my husband and then try to pass it off as it's more meaningful because i made it. >> i love your style. >> reporter: just forgot again. >> i love your style. [ laughter ] >> nice dinner out is good. >> that's good, yeah. >> maybe a flower or two. ashley morrison of on a friday, by the way, take care. >> reporter: you, too. >> i think shoes are a good gift because, you know, they last. flowers die. >> wait. how does a guy buy a woman shoes? >> how? >> yeah. >> i tell my husband what to buy. >> i'm thinking a heart shaped pizza. >> in your mancave. >> then i can eat and she gets the love. >> your poor wife. >> so romantic. around the bay area today, scattered showers continue to pull out of town. showers sliding further south and, of course, the high country how about a little snow in yeah. you headed in that direction? grab your chains. you may need those today as we
5:46 am
are going to see some wraparound moisture popping up some showers and snow showers in the sierra nevada. so yeah, nice dusting of snow across the mountaintops there and maybe a little dusting here, as well. take a look toward the mountains throughout the day today. your skies will be clearing out and we'll probably see a little white on the mountaintops as we get some cold air rotating through. but you can see on our doppler radar those showers now sagging further and further to the south. so if you are headed out this morning still a chance of a leftover shower especially south of the golden gate bridge. and then by the afternoon, we are going to see a lot of sunshine, passing clouds, chilly temperatures only in the 50s around the bay area and some very breezy conditions as you approach the coastline. that low pressure center that brought us showers overnight will start to move out of town. high pressure going to start to sneak in for the weekend so decreasing showers throughout the morning hours. i think dry by the afternoon. all right. across the country a major storm on the eastern seaboard could cause problems. looking for snow and wind in
5:47 am
new york at 37 degrees. 32 chicago. 73 degrees quite a difference in houston. around the bay area today, we are looking for highs only in the 50s. it will be brisk and breezy outside. should be dry for the weekend if you have some plans. then it looks like warmer temperatures on monday and tuesday staying dry through about the middle of next week. elizabeth? >> as lawrence showed you, if you are heading out of town today, chains are required right now on interstate 80 heading up towards the tahoe area. all right. elsewhere let's go to our maps and other live traffic cameras. things are okay around here. the roads are slick. we have been seeing a number of spinouts. nothing causing a huge traffic jam but this is a live look approaching the buy bay. no metering lights yet. typically don't turn them on until another maybe 15 minutes or so. usually a little after 6:00. so right now, no delay in any of our lanes. we can definitely call this "friday light" so far. to our maps if you are going against the commute eastbound 80 just right before powell it sounds like near the ikea store in emeryville, there is an
5:48 am
accident there car facing the wrong way. it's blocking a lane. just a heads up. the rest of the maze may see so far looks good on 580 if you are traveling to 24. and the nimitz 880 is fine, as well. this is one of our slow spots. westbound 580 through the altamont pass, 23 minutes to the dublin interchange. busy towards 680. headlights, hard to see in this camera, moving westbound. so far looks okay as you head towards the castro valley y. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. if you filled up lately you probably noticed gas is more expensive again. but this really gave us sticker shock. take a look. chico's gas station in south san francisco is charging a whopping $5.03 for a gallon of regular. gas prices have shot up almost 40 cents in the past month because of high crude prices, refinery problems and switching to expensive summer blend of fuel. ouch.
5:49 am
more than 18,000 students have signed up for a free transit program in san francisco weeks before it even begins. the 16-month pilot program will allow local students under 18 to ride the muni system at no charge. free rides are set to begin march 1. 5:50 now. google execs may get their own silicon valley airport facility. a british aviation company would like to build an $82 million private airport for business jets at san jose's mineta international. the idea still has to get approval of the city leaders and airport operators. time now 5:51. a bet is a bet. unfortunately. you don't want to miss us doing the ray lewis dance for the anchors in baltimore. >> yeah. it's good stuff. and colin kaepernick celebrates a super season with, what else, i anew tattoo. the ink he posted on instagram coming up.
5:50 am
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5:51 am
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5:52 am
scattered showers continuing around the bay area. cold enough, a little snow over the mountains too. will it clear out for the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right. how far would you go for a cause? would you let a stranger pick out your tattoo? two brave san francisco spca employees are doing that. the women are letting the person who donates the most money to the organization either design or pick out their next tattoo. they have quite a few tatoos already, though. >> doing okay, yeah. >> for those of you interested there is still some time left. the auction doesn't end until noon. well, we know joe flacco went to disneyland after the super bowl. but where did colin kaepernick go? >> of course he went to the tattoo parlor. he added more ink to his chest to match his widely tatted up arms. the san jose artist said it reflects inner strength, spiritual growth and humility. he is running out of real
5:53 am
estate. >> okay. well, as if the 9ers loss wasn't good enough, we made a wager with the baltimore anchors. if the 9ers works the anchors at wjz would have to sing "i left my heart in san francisco." green bay and atlanta already did it. if we lost, we had to do the ray lewis it's getting hot in here dance. this is for you, baltimore. it was painful. take a look. >> good morning, baltimore. frank and michelle here in san francisco. we're on lombard street sort of. >> kind of sort of. it's raining outside so we had to be inside. i'm in purple. i think that's good enough. i shouldn't even have to do the bet. i was covering the super bowl in new orleans. you and lawrence were doing the bet. >> it's true. we should get the weatherman out here. hey lawrence. >> sorry, guys. doctor's excuse. >> total copout. let me get my ray lewis attitude going. cue the music. ♪ [ music ]♪
5:54 am
it's 5-- a major blizzard >> oh, boy. >> what do you think. >> i think lawrence -- i think lawrence has the moves. >> yeah. >> i think you need a little more training. >> i think that -- >> pretty clear. >> i like that, lawrence. >> thank you very much. >> yay! >> shake it, baby. >> what is this? >> that's something i learned back many moons ago. >> i don't know. i just dumb tall white guy from the suburbs. >> i hope baltimore is getting a kick out of that right now. >> it's all good. 5:56. a major blizzard bearing down on the northeast right now. >> and it's already causing some problems for bay area travelers. >> dozens of flights out of sfo are cancelled coming up. we'll hear from a couple of travelers though who say that's
5:55 am
okay. >> and armed and extremely dangerous. an all-night search for an ex- officer accused of shooting three policemen. why the manhunt is becoming even more difficult coming up.
5:56 am
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click to get started today. xfinity. the future of awesome.
5:58 am
>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald an ex-lapd officer wanted for killing three people. what southern california resort town is at the center of a massive manhunt. >> a storm in the northeast, i'll tell you how it's effecting us here in the bay area. >> our hi-def doppler tracking rain and snow. we'll talk about that coming up. >> roads are slick and we have seen a number of different spinouts across the bay area. we'll show you where it's slow coming up. good morning. i'm frank mallicoat.
5:59 am
>> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. the mind games continue as a former l.a. police officer accused of murder is still on the run. >> "cbs this morning," former lapd chief bill bratton says the suspect might be in the san diego area. and he may have sent police on a wild goose chase to the mountains in san bernardino county. that's where christopher dorner's burned-out truck was found. searchers followed some footprints in the snow but found nothing. it's very cold there right there this morning with more snow expected. >> cbs reporter teresa garcia joins us live now from the heavily fortified l.a. police headquarters. teresa. >> michelle and frank, good morning. you know, this is an all hands on deck situation. whatever overtime it takes to capture this man, the accused cop killer is what they are going to invest into it. they have had officers working


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